The Listening Project is a program of research collaboration that has brought together Australian cultural and media scholars, practitioners and activists interested in the theme of ‘listening’, an emerging international focus in Media Studies and citizens’ media interventions. The Project broadly looks at how habitual critiques of representation and the politics of ’speaking’ (or giving voice to the voiceless) are giving way to investigation of more active possibilities for social inclusion and change based on recognition, dialogic engagement and acceptance.

Members of the project have developed a new area of study through an innovative model of networking, bringing together researchers across a range of disciplines as well as media and cultural producers. Workshops have examined the neglected dynamics of ‘listening’ in diverse theoretical and practical contexts. We invite you to read the articles included in a recent, special issue of Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (Volume 23, Issue 4), dedicated to the theme of Listening.

Who convenes the activities of the Listening Project?

The convenors are Tanja Dreher, Justine Lloyd, Penny O’Donnell and Cate Thill and the Project Officer is Jan Idle. The workshops have been funded by the ARC’s Cultural Research Network and supported by the Transforming Cultures Research Centre at the University of Technology Sydney and the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion at Macquarie University.

UTS Transforming Cultures Research Centre Australian Cultural Research Network (CRN)